Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Balance, Blogs and an Act of God

You know those days, where you wake up, and everything just feels so right? You wake up before your alarm clock even goes off, the sun is streaming in the window, birds are chirping at an enjoyable volume, and as you stretch your arms above your head, you think to yourself, "Ah! Now today, is going to be a perfect day." And then, as you get out of bed on your way to make the world's best pot of coffee, because it's the world's best day ever, you step on a nail, that must have gotten there by an act of god, because you can't for the life of you think of anything a nail may have fallen out of. You hobble to the kitchen, hoping you don't have tetanus, only to discover, you're out of coffee. So you look through your cabinets, like maybe, you live at Hogwarts and food is just going to show up if you think about it hard enough. Ultimately you discover that you don't live in a magical place of witchcraft and wizardry, and also, that you hate the sound of birds chirping in the morning. Since no coffee appears, you settle for some tea, and by the time that finally brews, apparently from the depths of hell because you just lost a layer of tongue, you realize you haven't even started to get ready. You end up stepping on the nail about 608 more times, because you don't want to throw out an act of god,  you leave 20 minutes late, you forget your keys, and you look a little bit like you were recently released from prison. 

I'm not saying I've ever had one of those days, but, I've heard from people who have. It's my understanding, that when you have those kinds of mornings, everything starts to feel chaotic, and when you finally get home, take off your shoes, step on that god damned nail, and sit down, you appreciate the simple act of sitting down and having a moment to yourself. Well, the launch of this blog felt a little like that. I basically woke up with this idea, and thought, "This is fantastic, I want to write this idea down, I want to share this idea." I wrote the blog entry "Cheat Meals" and then got to work setting up the blog, the Facebook and the Instagram. When Cheat Meals was posted, I was so excited to have everything up and running I went ahead and launched the blog. It wasn't until everything died down that I had a moment and realized, "I DIDN'T INTRODUCE MYSELF OR THE BLOG!"

So, two paragraphs later, here I am: My name is Nicole, and this is my Blog, Wisdom, Weights and Chocolate Cake. For a little over a year, I have worked as a behavioral coach out of a personal training gym doing a lot of wellness oriented work focused on motivation. My clients include every end of the fitness spectrum, from fitness competitors and personal trainers to people having a hard time starting a plan, those having a hard time losing their last 5-pounds, and all of those in between. I work with my clients to help them understand their specific personality and unique habits and how those factors in turn effect their approach to wellness. I believe that by gaining a better understanding of ourselves, we can better create long term change. If someone just tells you what to do, that may work and be great. What happens if they get hit by a bus? Do you order a pizza and call it a good run? In understanding yourself you can better learn why you struggle, or why certain limits exist for you; together with my clients I help them gain access to tools that will help them overcome barriers as they arise, even if I get struck by oncoming traffic.

With that being said; when I post in this blog, there is no way every idea is going to be helpful to everyone. For some people, a diet plan that is completely restricted works best for where they are at. If they get a taste of a cookie, that's it. So the suggestions in Cheat Meals may not work, but a future entry may help. This is a blog about finding balance, about understanding that no matter how much you work out, and eat celery, chocolate cake will always be there. It is my goal to help people understand what to do when they are faced with that chocolate cake. I want to help you understand how you can be in the same room with a food, and not feel like you're stuck at the DMV and you're crazy EX, who you were never real sure if you got over,  just walked in and is sitting a seat away from you. Teach you how to say, "Hi!" but you know, still keep your pants on.  I welcome people to submit questions and comments on personal struggles. I will try to address these comments with future entries. I also suggest you check out my Instagram (@wisdom_and_weights) and my Facebook ( , the links are on the top of this page. Any tips you put into action post to my Instagram, and in the near future I hope to start some giveaways.  For anyone in the NYC area, I am available to meet with in person and create individualized plans, and if you're not in the NYC area, don't worry, I can still work with you through nearly every form of communication the modern world has to offer!

So read my blog, feel free to comment, find me on social media, and let me help you meet your fitness goals!

- Nicole 
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